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Hello World!

It has been a little hectic in SuperCoilsLand as of late; I moved out of my dorm only to drive home and help my mom move across town.


The last two days had been everything but relaxing for both my mom and I, what with all of the packing, moving, and unpacking, but today my grandma and two aunts had pity on the two of us and decided to come over and help us unpack at the new place.  We moved in and put all of the stuff in the kitchen and closets, leaving only the heavy furniture to be moved from the old place to the new one.  All in all, ten hands are much more productive than four, and we finished WAY ahead of schedule!  As we sat on the tile floor of the living room, sipping Cokes and talking about men (you know how women go), the subject of natural hair comes up.  All of my aunts, my grandma, and my mother are relaxed and have been for many years.  They were natural in their youth (my aunts and grandma are now in their sixties with my mom following in her forties), but never wore their hair in it’s natural state; it was always in some sort of pressed style.  So, my aunt, Grace, says to her sister, Mary Lee:

“You know, I think I’m gonna grow my hair out without a perm.”

Aunt Mary Lee: “Girl, no.  You see how some of these womens (No, that is not a typo.  I love my country family!) look with their natural hair?  It’s just as dry and stickin’ up all over the place…”  *makes the stank-face*  “Just leave it like it is!  It looks just fine!”

“But look at [SuperCoils]’s hair!  Her hair is soft and she can do stuff with it.”

“Yeah, but she’s young.  Kids can have natural hair.  That’s for young people.”

This exchange and the fact that both my mom and grandma agreed made me think.  Why do older people accept natural hair on young people, but not on themselves?  Is it because they are from a different generation?  I mean, I agree that some things are better left to young people, such as booty shorts, platform heels, Halloween costumes, extreme sports… but natural hair?  What about SuburbanBushBabe, a blogger who went natural later in life after being texlaxed? She’s absolutely gorgeous with natural hair!

What do you think? Maybe it’s the way they were raised or the society they were raised in, but do you think that natural hair is only “for young people”?  And, if so, why?

Peace, Love, and … Age?



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