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How I BC’ed

Hi peoples!

It’s the first week of classes here at my school in Atlanta and EVERYONE I have run into has just loved my new hair.  All of my friends love it, strangers love it… even professors get a little curious.

I must say that, so far, I’m really happy with my decision to end my transition early.  My hair is much less time consuming to style, and I no longer have to run from the rain!  I also feel free to work out more often: I just sweat to my little heart’s content!

Anyhow, I figured it may help someone else out if I told how I went about cutting off my relaxed ends, what mistakes I made, etc…

Please remember that this all occurred after I washed and conditioned my hair, while it was still wet:

  1. I braided my hair all the way down to about a half-inch above the line of demarcation using Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter.
  2. I isolated the straightened ends from the natural hair, then snipped them below the line of demarcation, leaving a short, scraggly end.
  3. I then went back and very carefully cut away the last little bit of relaxed hair.

I did this for every braid on my head, which turned out to be about 24 braids.  It made the cutting easier to manage, although it did take forever.  I started around 10PM and did not finish until about midnight, with the help of my roommate who sat behind me poking at my braids, saying, “There’s one!  Get it!  Get it!”


  • Definitely should have enlisted the help of my roommate from the very beginning.  I had to go back and re-trim numerous braids.
  • I braided my hair so tightly in the front that, when I finally got to that section, I couldn’t tell the relaxed hair from the natural and cut too conservatively (as I found out the next morning when I took my hair down for a braid-out).
  • I shouldn’t have BC’ed so late at night.  I was dead tired halfway through but I obviously had to finish what I started.

Well, I hope this helps you complete your transitioning journey (whenever you are ready).  Just know that I am very happy with my hair and don’t regret my decision (however hasty) to BC.

Peace, Love, and Big Chops,



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