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… during New Cadet Orientation in my Army ROTC unit this past weekend.

The Story:

My Army ROTC unit decided to have new cadet orientation this past weekend from 9-5, Saturday and Sunday, to introduce our freshmen (yay freshmen) to the Army way of life and teach them the basics of being a cadet.  We taught them how to wear the uniform, where to go for physical training, the standards they must uphold as a cadet, et cetera, et cetera…

So I’m sitting down, minding my own business, trying my best to be a good example to the freshmen and sophomores of how to act while in uniform… when we begin to talk about hair and the hair standards while in the army combat uniform.

And as 1 of 2 OBVIOUSLY natural-haired black women in the room, I began to feel the heat.  Of the 15 or so cadre that we have, about 8 of them are black, therefore, myself and the other natural, Stef (also my roommate, bestie, and the person I always sit by in class), sat enduring the goring stares of 16 skeptical eyes.  Fantastic.  All I wanted to do was start the year off right and I could already tell there was gonna be a problem.

… then the unthinkable happened: I was called upon to answer a question, before the entire class, about hair.  FML.

“How many headbands can you wear in uniform, Cadet [SuperCoils]?”

“Ummmm…. one.”

“Yes.  Earlier today you were wearing two but I see that you have corrected yourself.  Good job.”

“But… what if one headband doesn’t do the job?  What if you need more than one?”

As soon as I saw the look that came over the cadre’s face, I knew I’d made a mistake.  I just knew that I should have asked this question in private.  Why had I opened my big mouth???

“Well then, cadet,” the cadre says, smirking, eyes on my uncovered head, “looks like someone needs a perm, huh?”

A few cadets in the back snickered, but all I could hear in my mind were his words, echoing…


Next thing I know, another cadre is whispering in the first one’s ear, Stef is tapping me on my leg to sit down, and the first cadre (let’s call him “Sergeant DA”… and we all know what the “DA” stands for)  is rushing to rephrase his prior statement, starting with, “for all of you ladies out there who choose to go natural…”.

From what Stef says, I stood there for a full minute giving him the strangest look with my fist balled up.  The guy next to me, SuperFast (because he runs super fast) looked over at me after I sat down and said, “Damn, [SuperCoils]; you looked at that guy like you wanted to kill him.”

I didn’t… well, let me not lie: I kinda did.  I didn’t realize I’d stood there for so long.  I was just so shocked by what had just come out of his mouth that I couldn’t think of anything else to say.  I didn’t even realize I’d allowed my emotions to show on my face until Stef and SuperFast told me so.

The whole incident got me thinking about my natural hair journey in relation to the Army.  I knew that my cadre did not care that I was going natural.  As a matter of fact, as long as your hair is within regulations, they really don’t care about it at all.  I was just shocked that Sergeant DA thought that was funny, or even appropriate, in front of 90 other cadets.  It was embarrassing, and it caught me way off guard.  I mean, any other normal person and I would’ve almost seen it coming… but an NCO in the United States Army?  I mean damn, the first sentence of the NCO’s Creed is “No one is more professional than I.”  I’m just saying… really? We’re there now?

This occurred on Saturday, and by Sunday, I’d decided that transitioning in ROTC would just be too difficult.  I’d more than likely sweat my styles out during PT and I wouldn’t have the time to worry about my hair before class.  Furthermore, the next time I saw Sergeant DA, I really wanted to tell him what I thought of him and his ignorant comments without even saying a word.

So I went back to my dorm, washed my hair, picked up my 12 dollar shears, and ended my almost 17 month transition.

In other words, I BC’ed last night.

Peace, Love, and Shears,


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Hey Guys,

Do any of y’all remember way back (maybe 2 weeks ago) when I finally “scratched” the BC itch by going to a local natural salon “Too Groovy” for a free consultation?  Well, I went back for my first appointment last Thursday and got my hair straightened and trimmed.

I will not name the stylists who did my hair because I don’t want to hurt her business, but she burned my head!!  Right in the back, at the nape of my neck.  I actually picked a scab out of there this weekend.  WTF?  I haven’t had one of those since my perm days!

I won’t be going back there.  I think it’s safe to say I don’t recommend her (the salon as a whole is pretty nice though, so I’d give them a try… just maybe without heat).

All of that aside, I got a very nice cut.  My hair is now even, and the shortest it’s ever been.  I have yet to wet it so I guess I won’t find out just how much relaxed hair I still have until then, but I’m guessing there’s not much left at all.

It’s also a sure bet that I’m going back to my old stylist for any future hair cut/ straightening services I may need.  I’m shooting her an email as we speak.

Peace, Love, and Hair Cuts


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I didn’t BC.
I decided that I just wasn’t comfortable with that length and figured that I would wait until either December 21st (my birthday) or April 1st, 2010 (a little over the 2 year mark) to cut off my relaxed ends.

In the meantime, here’s what I did:
I went to a local salon called “Too Groovy” and asked for a free consultation from one of their stylists.  “Too Groovy” specializes in natural hair and does not do any chemical treatments besides color, so their stylists tend to know what they are doing.  Anywho, I went to the stylist and told her what was going on with my hair and how I was feeling and she looked at my hair and the general health of it.  After seeing that I was about half and half and didn’t want to BC too soon, we came up with a plan.  I’ll go there at least once every 6 weeks to get my hair trimmed and set in a natural style, and she will just continue to trim until all of the relaxed hair is gone.  The first appointment is next week, at which time we’ll do a cut to sort of even things up.  I’m very excited.  She knows I don’t want to cut any of my natural hair until I make it to shoulder length unstretched, so that’s what we’re sticking to for now.  This way, I don’t have to BC at all!!!  I can just keep trimming until it’s all gone!!!  This is an option that I didn’t even know existed, but I’m happy that I’ve found it.  It seems like the right direction for me to go in.

For more information on Too Groovy Salon, please refer to: Too Groovy Salon and Spa

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Itching to BC

As many people who have tried to transition know, you sort of hit a wall of boredom and frustration after a while.  In the past I have wanted to BC but ended up not doing it because of the fear of having too big of a head to be lacking in hair.

Well, I might just have to get over that REALLY soon!!

Frankly, I’m sick of STILL having to run from the rain, even though the majority of my hair is natural.  I mean, it’d be ok if my relaxed hair would hold a curl, but as soon as the infamous Atlanta humidity hits it, it’s gone.  Adding to this is the fact that EVERYONE here (at my school) has BC-ed except for me!  And I really want to see my natural hair!!!!

So I’ve decided if I’m going to cut it, I’ll do it either tomorrow or this weekend.  If I’m not, then I’ll just get a very big trim and start cutting off a half inch or so every month.  That way, I’ll definitely be done by December (20 month mark).

Just weighing in on the BC itch.  Anyone else got it?

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