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So, I initially had another blog about my hair at weebly.com, but I really wanted to move over to WordPress, seeing as a lot of my favorite blogs are hosted by WordPress.  My old host is incompatible with wordpress, so don’t be surprised to see a bunch of posts today about random things.  It’s just me catching this blog up.  I’m so excited!

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Hey There!

Seriously though: Hello!  I think I’m going to refer to myself as SuperCoils on here, or SC for short.  I’m a college student studying here in Atlanta and simultaneously transitioning from relaxed to natural hair!  It’s been quite a journey so far (somewhere around 16 months as of today (7/09/2010) and I’m finding that I’m learning a lot about natural hair, but even more about myself.

My “hair journey” began at the end of my freshman year of college when I realized that, as a broke college student, relaxers just weren’t in the budget for me anymore.  I was kind of happy about this, being that I’ve always HATED getting relaxers!  I remember being little and getting in trouble for hiding the Just For Me kit from my mom and acting as if I knew absolutely nothing about it’s sudden disappearance for weeks.  I first got my hair relaxed when I was about 5, but the relaxers didn’t “take” until I was about 12.  Still, I have no real memory of my natural hair, seeing as heat was always in the picture (I can’t even look sideways at a hot comb without having flashbacks, *shudder*).  I loved having long hair as a high school student, but would always curl it to make it big.  When I got a job, the first purchase I made was a bottle of volumizing shampoo and the corresponding conditioner.  I’ve ALWAYS had a penchant for big, dark, shiny hair.  The first time I ever regretted the fact that my hair was relaxed was when one of my Caucasian friends, Sam, asked me to where my hair natural to school.  So, like a little dummy, I went home, washed it, blowdried it, and came to school the next day with stick-straight, uncurled tresses to which she replied, “No, I mean NAT-UR-AL, like an afro.” to which I was forced to reply, “I can’t do that, Sam.  My hair is chemically straight forever.”  Later on that night I asked my mom about letting my hair grow natural and she laughed in my face.  Years later when I came home after not having had a relaxer for a few months and sporting slightly untamed 4a roots, my mom just looked at me, shook her head, and said, “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

I didn’t.  But I’m learning!

And this is what I want to share with the world: the learning process that is, simultaneously, the transitioning process!  The PJism, the failed styling attempts, the lessons hard learned about heat styling, the wisecracks from dudes who don’t have anything more intelligent to say to me, the trial and error, the new regimen… EVERYTHING!  So that’s what I’m here for and I’d love to hear from anyone who’s just starting out or has been at it for a while (like myself) as to what you’re interested in seeing.  After all, this is all here for you.  Welcome to my crazy, coily life.

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