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Hello World, and, if you celebrate Christmas, well, Merry Christmas!

For all of those who do not: Happy Holidays!

Moving on…

So, you guys know my hair is unbelievably dry, right?  Like, it’s just a naturally desert-like forest of dense, dark, gravity-defying coils.  My big brother likes to refer to my hair as “Fern Gully”.

I personally have yet to decide how I feel about that.

Anyways, I was looking for a light moisturizer with no glycerin for, you guessed it, the chilly Atlanta winter.  I don’t know why, but when I came here from South Carolina, I honestly thought that I’d be going to school in a warmer state.

Silly me.

For those of you coming here in search of refuge from the cold, don’t get too excited: it’s only “Hot-lanta” in the summer.  In the winter, this place is a cold, scary hell complete with sliding cars and idiot city officials who don’t know what it means to salt the roads.

Sorry guys, just a little bitter.

The Atlanta winter was doing a real doosie on my hair, so I went to Sage Naturalceuticals one mildly cold day when I didn’t have to wait for my car to heat up.  The very knowledgeable owner, Cindy Primm, listened to my hair issues and recommended that I try Bee Mine’s Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and see if that would do the trick.  She’s kind of like a coil whisperer.  Y’all should check her out 😉

So I went ahead and bought a 2 ounce container for $5 (damn) and gave it a test drive.  I ended up re-upping on the product when I ran out, so I guess I’d have to call it a keeper…

Name: Luscious Balanced Cream MoisturizerBee Mine

Company: Bee Mine Products, Inc.,

Price: $18.00 for 8 fluid ounces (It took me a few weeks to even consider purchasing this product PURELY because of it’s price and LACK of a reputation.  I mean, let’s be frank: Bee Mine doesn’t have the amazing reputation or cult following that, say, Qhemet Biologics has, regardless of the quality of their products.)

Scent: like lemon cream… absolutely delicious

Texture: light, creamy, and smooth


The first time I used this cream, I had just gotten out of the shower from washing (not co-washing) my hair, and first applied Kinky Curly Knot Today as my leave-in.  I really wanted to do the Kimmaytube recipe, but… I’d just spent for-freaking-ever washing this mane of hair and I honestly just didn’t feel like spending more time on it than was absolutely necessary.  Then, I applied a small, fingertip-sized dollop of the Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer to each of my six sections with a dab (seriously, just as if you are tasting cake batter) of Darcy’s Botanicals’ Glycerin-free Twisting Cream for hold.  Finally, I braided my hair up in 4 plaits per section (24 total) and went to sleep dreaming of a soft, fluffy braid-out.

The next morning, after PT, I went ahead and took down my braids to reveal a very fluffy, yet defined braid-out with a little bit of stretch!  My hair was so soft, and remained that way through an entire WEEK!  Whoa.

All in all, this stuff has absolutely no hold (which I knew from the beginning), but has a ridiculous amount of long-time moisture.  I must say, this product is definitely a keeper.  I’m just gonna have to be SSSUUUPPPEEERRR stingy with it.  If it doesn’t last longer than 4 months, it’s off the list.

Ninjas gotta eat, after all.

Peace, Love, and Product Reviews,


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Wuddup World?

I know it’s been a minute, and for that, I am sorry, but my school of choice got really real for a second there and I needed to focus on my studies.  Becoming an engineer is no joke.  And I’m no good at math??  Pshh… ya girl was strugglin, you hear me?  Ughh…


I just wanted to come on here really quickly and tell you a little story about my hair product choices with a lesson at the end.  Y’all ready?  Ok, here goes:

Once upon a time there was a lil’ diva named SuperCoils, who’s head was bequeath with a halo of coils and kinks.  She was often made fun of in school for being ashy, being that she suffered eczema.  Early on in life, she learned that she was allergic to artificial fragrances, some artificial colorings, grass, cashews, and a few other things…

She knew her dry skin needed EXTRA attention, and was subject to get angry and cuss her out at any moment (i.e. get ashy in public), and she dealt with it accordingly, being sure to show it a little extra love right after her showers and before bed.  And then the little diva grew up and decided to go natural.  Aww hell.

… so she decided to use “natural products” that smelled good, but didn’t look at the ingredients first.

… and her head started to itch like a muh-fugger… Why?

Because the products she was using had (dun-dun-duhhhhh) ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES  in them!

Lesson learned: your scalp has the same allergies as the rest of your skin, so if you have skin allergies, you WILL undoubtedly be allergic to some hair products.

This is where being a knowledgeable consumer comes in: you HAVE to know what you are putting on your body when you have allergies like mine.  Hell, if I put on lotion and walk through freshly-cut grass, I can guarantee that I will be in the hospital in less than an hour with a severe case of hives and a prescription for Prednisone, so why would I ever put “Creme de Lawn” on my hair?  Likewise, being that I have severely dry skin and an allergy to artificial fragrances, I like to use moisturizing products that lack artificial fragrance… ya dig?

So which product lines do I like to choose from?

I’m sooo glad you asked:

  1. Darcy’s Botanicals -awesome scents, slightly awesome price, great results on my hair.  Reviews to come soon!
  2. Qhemet Biologics – awesome scents, not to bad price, goes a LONG way, soothes my scalp.
  3. Bee Mine – awesome for the summer.  We’ll see about the winter.
  4. Kinky Curly – especially the Knot Today for detangling!  I don’t think the KCCC will be a repurchase.
  5. Uncle Funky’s Daughter – only the curl activating gel.  I don’t quite remember the name of it right now.

In essence, that’s what’s on my head right now, and my scalp and face are doing much better because of it!

Peace, Love, and Allergies!


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