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Now I know this sounds super uncomfortable, but one of the things I do to achieve shiny, soft hair is to rinse it with

It doesn't necessarily need to be THIS cold!

cold water!  Yes, you saw that correctly!

As I am rinsing out my deep conditioner in the shower, I slowly turn the know from hot to cold, and rinse the last little bit out with cold water.  Why, you ask?

Because the ice cold water shocks your cuticles closed, resulting in smoother hair (which reflects light better) and moisture that is literally locked in!

Warm water is still OK, but your cuticles take much longer to close after washing your hair, resulting in moisture being lost to the air around you, or even to your towel!  In my experience, this technique has helped me keep my hair shiny after washing, although it is quite uncomfortable to feel cold water on your scalp.  A bit of a wake-me-up, for those who like that sort of thing 🙂 .

Anywho, I’d encourage anyone with shine problems to try this method at least once before moving on to products.  Who knows?  You may save yourself a little money.

Yours Nappily,


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