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So… myself and this man that I have known for a long time decided to step out this weekend and go get fish tacos out of boredom.  Neither of us were really looking to do anything… we just thought “Well, I’m hungry… and he’s hungry… and we both have nothing to do so… fish tacos at the Taqueria on Howell Mill!”

Taqueria Del Sol

Taqueria Del Sol... best fish tacos ever!

And I was wearing my signature braid-and-curl with a bang flopped over the front of my face, wearing my favorite orange shirt (orange is my favorite color, BTW) and rocking some freshly painted toe nails, not to mention moisturized ankles.  I had already run that day so I had my little “runner’s high” and no stress to boot!  When I say I was feeling good… I was looking and feeling like a billion bucks.  If BP felt the way I felt, they’d take all that money they have to pay in fines, get it converted to one dollar bills, and make it rain on the capitol.  Yeah, I said it.

Back to the story:

So I went ahead and decided to hang with him… whom I’ve always thought of as a semi-homie.  We will refer to him on this blog as ArtKid (he’s a graphic designer in my area).

Music... oh I should've seen it coming...

Well, ArtKid and I had a great time at the Taqueria and decided to go chill at his place.  We get there, start playing some music, and spend the whole time just talking about things… just any old thing!  We talked about high school, college, engineering versus art, The Boondocks (pause)… you name it.  We actually sat there from 10 pm to 4 am and just talked without the TV being on or anything!

So, of course, after those 6 hours I naturally had to pee.  I mean, I drink a lot of water and I’m not trying to be cute and hold it.  Hellz no.  As a matter of fact, the “trying to be cute taken to the extreme” thing is something for another post, but I hope it will suffice to say that I find myself incapable of trying to be one of those cute, salad-eating chicks.  What the hell do I look like eating a salad?  I’m a carnivore, damnit.

Once again, I digress.

Anywho, I go in the bathroom, do my business, and come out to the couch.  Naturally, we’re both tired and he’s had a shot (when we first got there… but still) and he drove so… I’m not trying to go back to the dorms just now.  Fulton County will lock you up in a heartbeat if you even look suspicious… and doesn’t everyone look suspicious at 4 am?  So we both laid down with a line of pillows in between us and went to sleep, although, after that night, I really wasn’t sure just how I felt about him.

Four hours later, I’m waking up and rolling over only to find ArtKid staring at me, which is very startling at 8am.  What’s even more startling is that one of his hands is on my waist and the other is in my hair, not to mention that the line of pillows is nowhere to be found.  He says to me, “I love it that your hair is natural.  It fits your personality more than when you had straight hair.”



Wiping sleep out of my eyes, I think of the smoothest thing I know to say in moments like these: “I have to pee.”

So I get up and half sprint to the bathroom and immediately look at my hair, only to find that I’d slept pretty wildly and my hair indicated this fact.  This, combined with ArtKid’s pulling and twirling while waiting for me to wake up had wreaked havoc on my once-cute style, leaving it stretched and only curly on the ends.  Being that I always carry an emergency headband in my pocket, I did something I had never done before: I grabbed that headband, stretched it to the max, looped it twice around my head, and flat twisted my bangs into a side sweep… and as the headband migrated to the back of my head, I realized that I had done what I thought was impossible: I had made a puff.

And y’all, my puff was bigger than Kanye’s ego (the intangible one, that is).

With my new-found hairstyle firmly in place, I walked back into his room and sat down on the side of the bed, only to

mmhmmm... yup...

have him crawl across to where I was and drag me into the center… all to play with my hair!  He continued with the compliments and hair-play for about 10 minutes (aka a long time), then looked me in my eyes and kissed me.  I did not know what to say… so I didn’t say anything.  I just know that I enjoyed that kiss (although I shouldn’t have) and I’ve been rocking my puff ever since.

Sidenote: ArtKid and I are very similar in personality, music preference, and interests… hmmm…  But there’s a twist to this story… that’ll just have to wait for a bit.

Peace, Love, and Cliffhangers,


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