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Hello ladies and gents!

So yesterday I was incredibly bored after class and decided to visit one of my favorite blogs, Natural Chica, to see what she’s been doing with her hair out here in Atlanta. Turns out, she’d gone to this Indian grocery store called Patel Brother Brothers and scored, among other things, some Jamila henna!!!

Yes, caca is your friend...

Now, I must give you a little background on why this excited me so. I’ve been a LUSH caca (yes “caca” as in “no shit hair color”) bar user for the past 3 months, but only because I couldn’t find henna on the ground and I hate ordering it. As a matter of fact, I hate ordering most things online just because I’m an instant-gratification type of gal. I wanna pay for it one second, and be holding it in my hands the next. I guess that’s just how I roll. Anywho, I’ve been enjoying the conditioning and strengthening effects of the LUSH caca bars all of this time, but knew that I could get better and more potent results if I would just go ahead and purchase some henna online.

… but I was NOT paying 7 bucks a box for that isht, especially since it would surely take more than one box to do my head. THEN pay shipping on top of all that? Oh effs no… no sir… NO SIR!

As you can imagine, I was thrilled to find that there was a store, in Atlanta, in which I could purchase Jamila henna! Finally, I can henna my hair without having to seek out a Macy’s or a LUSH store and buying a $24 (tax included) bar of henna!  While I was in Patel Brothers, I also managed to get my hands on some Brahmi powder, Amla powder, Dabur Jasmine Hair Oil. All in all, I bought 300 grams of Jamila brand henna for $4.47, 300 ml of Jasmine Oil for $3.99, and one box each of Amla and Brahmi powder for $1.49 apiece. Just in case you don’t know… those prices are fantastic. Patel Brothers is kind of a big deal.

Anywho, I am currently in my dorm room looking up recipes for my very first real henna, which will be this weekend. I’m still trying to hunt down my camera’s charger so that maybe… just maybe… I can do a pictorial for all of you out there who may be interested. Just know that I’m very excited to be trying this for the first time (why do I always do something radical to my hair right before finals? Hmmm….).  I’ve got honey, henna, Brahmi, Amla, coconut oil and milk, and lemon juice.  Let’s see what we can mix up for Friday night (since I need to spend time avoiding ArtKid and his incredible kisses of doom).

Peace, Love, and Henna,


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