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Protective Styling

The infamous hair idol, Wanakee, was once quoted as saying that the thing that robs our hair of moisture… is our environment.

Dang, for real?

I mean, it makes sense, but then how do I keep my hair moisturized and healthy in order to maintain length?

This is where protective styling comes in to play!

Hair grows from being pushed out of the scalp, therefore making the ends of your hair the most fragile.  Protective styling is a method by which you protect those fragile, old, arthritic (let me stop) ends, tucking them away in styles that keep them off of your collar, shirt, or out of the air (especially in those windy dry months of winter).  Another method involves stretching the hair by plaiting/ twisting it up so as to reduce breakage caused by detangling shrunken hair.  This, along with proper sealing and moisturizing, should allow you to hold on to more of your length!  If you don’t have enough hair to touch your collar, then just stretch it out to reduce breakage due to detangling.  This can be done by banding, bunning, twisting, bantu-knotting, braiding,wigs, weaves (when done properly), etc…   And if you think protective styling can’t be cute, hit up youtube and think again!

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