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Hey Guys,

Do any of y’all remember way back (maybe 2 weeks ago) when I finally “scratched” the BC itch by going to a local natural salon “Too Groovy” for a free consultation?  Well, I went back for my first appointment last Thursday and got my hair straightened and trimmed.

I will not name the stylists who did my hair because I don’t want to hurt her business, but she burned my head!!  Right in the back, at the nape of my neck.  I actually picked a scab out of there this weekend.  WTF?  I haven’t had one of those since my perm days!

I won’t be going back there.  I think it’s safe to say I don’t recommend her (the salon as a whole is pretty nice though, so I’d give them a try… just maybe without heat).

All of that aside, I got a very nice cut.  My hair is now even, and the shortest it’s ever been.  I have yet to wet it so I guess I won’t find out just how much relaxed hair I still have until then, but I’m guessing there’s not much left at all.

It’s also a sure bet that I’m going back to my old stylist for any future hair cut/ straightening services I may need.  I’m shooting her an email as we speak.

Peace, Love, and Hair Cuts


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