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Hey guys!  I know it’s been a bit since I posted but it’s been quite a week to say the least.

Anywho, I was doing well on the PJ tip until about two weeks ago, when a trip down the hair care aisle in Target derailed all of my progress and hard work.  There I was, just minding my own business when out of the corner of my eye I saw a beige bottle right above a sale sign.  Lo and behold, peoples, it was Aveeno Nourish + Moisturize Conditioner!!!

The Aveeno brand itself has been very close to my heart since my itchy, ashy beginnings as child with eczema in the late (late late like I-don’t-even-claim-to-be-an-80’s-baby-late) 1980s, following Hurricane Hugo.  Affectionately (not really) dubbed “Scaly Skins” by a childhood foe, a young SuperCoils relied on the magic of Aveeno oatmeal baths and creams to soothe away the itchies and melt my scales into “normal people skin”…

Fast forward to the 20-year-(and a half)-old SuperCoils, in college, looking to re-up on her conditioner stash, caught completely off-guard on the hair aisle in Target by a beige bottle of creamy goodness.  You guys, I don’t even know what happened.  One minute, I was in Target, my hand outstretched in the general direction of the bottle; the next, I was in my dorm room, rifling desperately through a red and white plastic bag for my new homie.  Ugh… I feel like such a crackhead.

Aveeno, why are you so confused? You KNOW you're a styler... why don't you just face the facts?

Price: about 5 bucks for 10.5 fluid ounces (not bad at all)

Purpose: Rinse-out Conditioner (or so I thought)

Consistency: creamy; very thick, but easy to spread

Color: creamy white-ish beige… a lot lighter than the bottle

Smell: fresh, pleasant, oatmeal scent (very much like the lotions)

Now for the juicy stuff:

I initially put this product on my dry, straightened hair for about 10 minutes before my co-wash session (it was fun to watch my hair curl back up) and washed it out, only to receive lack-luster results.  This does not compete as a wash out conditioner, and it’s detangling abilities are barely up to par.  As a matter of fact, the only true benefit I saw from it was curl definition, and what does that matter without moisture?  I walked out of the shower looking sad… had I just wasted another 5 bucks on another crappy conditioner?

Surprisingly, no.  As a wash-out, this conditioner is, well, a wash-out… but as a leave-in/styler… this stuff is the bomb!  While sitting “Indian-style” in front of my trusty dorm mirror immediately after washing my hair, I got the idea to use this stuff as a styler in order to provide hold to my braid-n-curl.  This may have been the best idea I’ve had all week!   The Aveeno went on smooth and soft, and provided my hair with loads of curl definition!  I mean this stuff was amazing!  I proceeded to use it on half of my head, let my braid-n-curl set up overnight, then took my rods out in the morning to see soft, silky, shiny braids with MUCH less shrinkage than normal.  As a matter of fact, as I sit here looking in the mirror at my hair, I’d say my hair hasn’t shrunk much at all today!  I think I love this conditioner… but only as a styler.  Let’s keep it real Aveeno; just embrace what you truly are and stop being such a poser (lol).

Peace, Love, and Poser Hair Products,


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Now I know this sounds super uncomfortable, but one of the things I do to achieve shiny, soft hair is to rinse it with

It doesn't necessarily need to be THIS cold!

cold water!  Yes, you saw that correctly!

As I am rinsing out my deep conditioner in the shower, I slowly turn the know from hot to cold, and rinse the last little bit out with cold water.  Why, you ask?

Because the ice cold water shocks your cuticles closed, resulting in smoother hair (which reflects light better) and moisture that is literally locked in!

Warm water is still OK, but your cuticles take much longer to close after washing your hair, resulting in moisture being lost to the air around you, or even to your towel!  In my experience, this technique has helped me keep my hair shiny after washing, although it is quite uncomfortable to feel cold water on your scalp.  A bit of a wake-me-up, for those who like that sort of thing 🙂 .

Anywho, I’d encourage anyone with shine problems to try this method at least once before moving on to products.  Who knows?  You may save yourself a little money.

Yours Nappily,


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So, before we get too far into this blog I must admit to you that I am a product junkie, (also known as a PJ) and have no plans of stopping UNTIL I finally find the right products for me and my crazy transitioning hair… but I must admit, this product may have brought my crazed moisturizer/ sealant search to an end.  The Organic Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie ((apparently the packaging has changed since this picture) is absolutely wonderful!  The shine and hold this product gave me today in this Atlanta heat and humidity it to die for, and my hair is STILL FRIZZ FREE!!!

This product provided me with lots of shine without sacrificing softness and hold. I will definitely be adding this to the rotation.

Price: $9.99 (which isn’t THAT BAD)
Store: Target
Motivation for Purchase: Super dry, Sahara summer curls that just WON’T behave

So last night I moistened my hair and sat down in front of my dorm mirror with my Jilbere shower comb in preparation for my go-to transition style these days: the Braid and Curl.  As I put the smoothie on my ends and massaged through, My hair instantly melted into beautiful, shiny, obedient coils (with yucky relaxed ends attached) that absolutely refused to tangle.  My Jilbere and Denman brush sank into them like butter and, before I knew it, the rollers (yellow flexi-rods) were in and it was off to bed with dreams of a wonderful hair day tomorrow.

Girl, I woke up and my dreams had come TRUE!!  In short, this ish is DA BOMB!  Not to mention my boyfriend (whom we shall refer to as “Big Blue”) came over and promptly put his hands my hair and proceeded to go on a fishing expedition in search of my scalp, saying the whole time, “ohhh, it’s so soft!”.  Yup, the hair definitely got me some play today 😉  My hair was also the shiniest it’s been since I stopped straightening (I’m in the middle of my “Curly 2010” Personal Challenge, with plans to either BC at the end of the year or in April of 2011, which will be about 2 years of transitioning).  In short, this product is a keeper and I don’t think we will be ending our friendship for any reason any time soon.  Readers, please feel free to flirt with my new staple!  I definitely recommend this for hair like mine: coarse, 4a with specks of 3c and 4b coils of desert wrath.  This smoothie told my hair who’s boss.  Who’s ya daddy (lol jk jk).

Much Love,


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