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Hey guys!

So I know you’ve all heard things about the Tangle Teezer via all of the hair blogs, not to mention youtube.com and well, everyone and their momma, but I just got one.

You know why I just got one?

Cuz all of Y’ALL greedy little people out there bought ‘em all up before I could even get one!  Yeah, I said it!

Couldn’t even save one for me, huh?  Y’all are so incredibly rude, you know that?  Just rude.

*deep breath, regaining composure*

So yeah, I just got my hands on a bright pink, almost magenta Teezer of Tangles and gave it a shot on suggestion of, well, every natural-haired woman in Atlanta.  I’m. Not. Kidding.

Anyways, when I got home to Warner Robins I finally saw one of these things in real life (I nearly fainted with joy) at a Sally’s near my home.  I immediately ran up to the cash register, where the cashier told me how her manager responded to the initial demand by ordering a very large amount initially so that her store would never run out.

*Ahem* Is the manager of the Sally’s in Atlanta taking notes right now?  Just wondering… (just kidding)

So I went home with my new love and sat down in the middle of the living room floor with my spray bottle, some conditioner, and my little folding mirror (boy I love that little mirror!) and proceeded to detangle my hair.

tangle-teezer-boxes-3Product: Tangle Teezer

Price: $9.99

Color: assorted, including black, sparkly purple, and pink, among others

This thing detangled my hair in record time!  It truly is a great detangler, but because of some of the warnings I’ve received about split ends, I won’t be detangling on the regular.  Probably only once every two weeks, just to keep hair on my head.  It also cleared out a LOT of shed hair, which I really needed.  I hate when I get in the shower and start combing my hair only to see those large black clumps on the white tile.  Yeah, I’ll admit it, #IFreakOut.

The only downside to this product: no handle.  That thing got so slippery!

Well, that’s all for now, peeps.  Love you guys!

Peace, Love, and Tangle Teezers,



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